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The Bermuda Triangle Cup is pleased to announce our partnership with the Bermuda Football Association. The BFA is our strategic partner in making this historic event a success.


Dedicated to ongoing enhancement of the domestic game, we will be a regional leader, inspiring all involved in the game of football to reach their full potential whilst at the same time cultivating national pride on and off the playing field.


We are committed to administering, promoting and developing football, making this national sport at all times enjoyable and accessible to the entire population.  As members of FIFA, CONCACAF and CFU, we are dedicated to excellence at every level in football.


Governance - Through strong leadership and best practices, we will ensure responsible stewardship of the game       

Fair Play - We will manage and promote all aspects of football with impartiality and respect

Integrity - We have a high regard for truth and will adhere to strong ethical, moral and sporting values

Passion - We are passionate in every aspect of footballing endeavours

Transparency - We will promote and communicate our policies, processes and decisions in a timely manner

Accountability - We take full responsibility for our decisions and are fully accountable for ourselves and our actions

Excellence - Our success depends upon our ability to deliver all of our programmes at the level of excellence expected by all members of the Family of Football

Service - We will provide football programmes for the entire community

Innovation - We are dedicated to continuous research and development for the future of the game

Teamwork - We will work collaboratively and diligently to achieve our common goals, while showing concern and support for all