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The management of the Bermuda Triangle Cup have listed the information below to aid with any possible queries you may have.

1. English is the official language of Bermuda.

2. The official currencies are the  Bermuda and US dollar. There is no need to purchase Bermuda dollars as both currencies are on par. Prior to your departure you may wish to exchange your Bermuda dollars for US dollars, as it is not an internationally recognized currency.

3. Bermuda mirrors the UK driving rules and all traffic drives on the left hand side of the road. This is important when crossing the street or if you intend to ride a moped.

4. Please be careful if you intend to rent a moped. You should only do so if you have had any prior experience.

5. The public transportation website is accessible via . You must have the correct fare in coins, fare token or a visitors bus pass. No change or paper notes are accepted.

6. Bermuda is an expensive destination, please request all prices prior to purchasing or ordering meals.

7. Bermudians are very friendly and polite. Do not be surprised if you are greeted with a friendly Good morning, hello or how are you doing? Bermudians do expect a friendly reply and to be greeted prior to ordering or posing a question for assistance.

8. Bermuda is a relatively safe place but common sense is suggested when walking about or at your hotel. Lock your doors at all times, do not leave items unattended and keep your valuable belongings in a safe or on you.

9. Most establishments require you to be attired with shoes/sneakers, shorts/pants and a shirt covering your shoulders/torso. For evening dinners, smart casual is suggested if you plan to eat an upscale restaurant. All pubs are accessible with casual clothing (sneakers, shorts and caps/hats).

10. Busses to and from the Grotto Bay Hotel will run in 15 minute intervals to Hamilton or St. George and identified with the # 10 or #11 route on the front of the bus.