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The Bermuda Triangle Cup is a licensed product of Bermuda’s Sports Management Group (BSMG) with Bermuda's Brazilian Football School (BBFS) being the local host and football (soccer) partner of BSMG facilitated events.

BSMG has focused primarily on facilitating overseas sports tours in the area of football/soccer to destinations in the USA and Europe. BSMG has also aided in facilitating travel to Bermuda for football/soccer events from:

tournament play, pro coaching expertise/grass root camps for local youth players. BSMG has facilitated travel and competitive play for local/overseas sports teams/clubs as of 2012 to Bermuda, Canada, Europe and USA.

BSMG partners with local vendors to provide an array of services for niche events. Services that are facilitated and managed consist of:

  • Customized, professionally management events

  • Coaching education & management in football/soccer

  • Event planning and activation solutions

  • International network with sports based companies providing  an one stop shop base for all sporting needs.